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  • Are you behind on your mortgage payments?
  • Do you need help preventing foreclosure?
  • Is your house about to be sold at auction?
  • Have you been trying to get help from your mortgage company but they have been slow, or uncooperative?
  • Have you been turned down for a loan modification by your lender?
  • Does your lender keep asking for your paper work over and over again even though you have repeatedly sent it to them multiple times?
  • Do you think that you have been the victim of mortgage fraud or predatory lending practices?
  • Are you in an adjustable rate mortgage, or a balloon mortgage note?
  • Have you been locked out of your home without being given an notice and an opportunity to retrieve your personal property?
  • Has your personal property been removed from your home and destroyed, lost, or stolen without notice to you after a foreclosure?

Our law firm may be able to help you.

As foreclosures continue to be prevalent, homeowners continue to struggle attempting to get help from their lenders on their own. With a large amount of delinquent homeowners unable to achieve a modification with their lender, there are alternatives available to potentially save your home.