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Our family law specialists at The Law Office of Joseph W. Creed are well aware of the emotional nature of their work. Family law encompasses some of the happiest moments of their clients’ lives, and some of the most trying. Handling these issues requires compassionate, understanding representation, as well as dedicated advocacy. A skilled family law attorney will always remember that their clients’ best interests are the deciding factor in every legal decision they must make. Our California and Washington family law attorneys can help you restore a feeling of normalcy to your private life while helping you achieve your desired goal. We are ready to defend your interests in cases of divorce, child and spousal support, paternity determination, child custody, and legal separation; we are also happy to provide our legal services in adoption proceedings and drafting prenuptial agreements.

The long experience that our legal professionals possess helps us handle even the most contentious divorce proceedings. Our family law specialists can handle legal issues surrounding the distribution of high-value assets, decree modifications, alimony, child custody determinations, parental visitation/residential rights, and any other disputes that can arise over the course of a legal separation. Our history of success in divorces helps us to create realistic expectations for our clients and to negotiate for favorable results in settlement discussions and trial.